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Real estate upsizing is one of most common scenarios for our homebuyer and seller clients. As the name suggests, this relates to those who currently own real estate and are looking to sell in order to move into a larger, more upgraded, more expensive neighbourhood, and/or larger lot.

Perhaps you are looking to move from a condo to your first house, a townhouse to a detached, or a detached to a luxury estate. Based on your exact needs, we will develop a thorough plan to ensure you find the perfect new home, while also working to maximize the sale value of your current property.


Making the decision to downsize is not always easy. For the most part, we find our clients downsize because of age-related realities, empty nesters, moving to a less expensive neighbourhood, and financial concerns.

Depending on your personal circumstances we will advise on various approaches to obtain your home buying goals. For instance, for those downsizing as a result of age, we will advise on certain types of properties best suited for you.

Downsizing can also be a great method to improve your financials and we will work diligently to ensure we maximize your sale value.

real estate investor ontario

Whether you are a new investor or seasoned, our tailored approach is designed to focus on education and investment financials. Every investor has different preferences and performance goals. However, the one consistency amongst virtually every investor is to locate property that will yield positive returns – this is obvious, of course. What differentiates one investor over another is the path they prefer to get there. Perhaps you prefer positive cash-flow, long-term appreciation, or a balance of both. Then there is the preference for multi-tenant dwellings, AirBNB/short-term rentals, annualized tenants, and the like. 

Depending on your preferred financial outcomes and investment style, we will employ our proven, yet customized, methodology to help you obtain your investment priorities.

Real estate Divorce

Unfortunately, divorces are a part of our reality and when they occur, we need to approach the situation with care and proper due diligence. When working with our divorcing clients we consider the overall situational context. For instance, some divorcing couples are amicable, while others are not. Depending on your situation, we will tailor our approach to accommodate your individual needs.

In conjunction with the sale of your matrimonial home, we’ll focus much of our attention on helping you buy a new home.

First time home buyer

Congratulations on making the decision to buy your first home! This a big step and one you will never forget. As a first-time homebuyer you are likely renting or living with family. We love working with first-time homebuyers. We find the process extremely refreshing, fun, and gain great joy in helping new home buyers secure their first home.

Our process with first-time home buyers emphasizes education. We take the time to explain every detail of the process, from searching for homes, contracts, home related maintenance/issue resolution, costs of ownership, and much more. Of course, it is highly likely that you will move again, so we help guide you to ensure what you purchase will also maximize your investment to help finance future real estate endeavours.

gta luxury homes

Whether you are new to the luxury market or are a seasoned owner, we have the experience and acumen to partner with you.

We understand the ins and outs of buying luxury homes; from architectural and interior design, property valuations, locational considerations, and negotiation tactics. 

We acknowledge the need for strict confidentiality for some of our clientele. Although we always adhere to confidentiality requirements for all our clients, rest assured we are well-versed in this regard and will ensure you personal details are protected.    

Company relocation

Perhaps you are moving from afar due to work-based relocation or you simply have decided to move a great distance for a change of scenery. We have and continue to work with a lot of people relocating. We are approved relocation experts for the Canadian Forces, RCMP, and our corporate partners. 

Our holistic approach is designed to focus on your entire move, while helping you buy local real estate. By taking this approach we ensure the overall process is seamless.

Agent locator

Perhaps you looking to buy a vacation home, or are looking to find a property for a child moving away to school.

We have and continue to work with a lot of people in these situations. Sourcing an expert in your desired area is an important part of our business. With our international network, we work with you to locate a suitable fit so you can buy with confidence.

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Buyer Experience

Offering You An Elevated And Unparalleled Buying Experience



During our initial home buyer consultation, we will work together to identify your goals and priorities. We will then customize a home buying experience designed to meet those goals.


Financial Preparation

In order to protect you from financial risk and ensure that you are making the right choices for your family, we work closely with you to fully understand your financial requirements. As part of this process, we guide you through the mortgage approval process and, if required, help you obtain mortgage pre-approval through a reputable mortgage specialist.


Property Showings

As we view homes together, it’s important to keep in mind that we’re here to help educate you on any potential issues, selling features, and help ensure your decisions align with your end goals.


Offers and Negotiations

We will advise you step-by-step through the home buying offer and negotiation process; from property-specific considerations to pricing and all viable negotiation tactics. We’ll inform you about the entire process from start to finish so that you are always in the loop. We at Graham Real Estate know that real estate can be a daunting experience for buyers, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you.



We’ll help ensure everything is coordinated for a successful closing. This includes, but is not limited to, collaborating with your lawyer and mortgage advisor, providing access to our concierge moving service, verify the seller adheres to the contract, and introducing you to our preferred network of relevant service providers.


Lifetime Support

We strive to be your trusted real estate resource for life. We are committed to providing ongoing support of your real estate holdings, so you can focus on living the life you’ve always wanted. Clients of ours also get exclusive discounts at Nesting Effect, a premier online interior decorating and home décor store offering substantial savings at your favourite home stores.

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Buy With Us

A proven and customized home buying experience to match your life goals.

We are here to help, for wherever life is taking you.

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The Graham Real Estate Experience

When you purchase a home with us, you can expect our proven and customized experience to match your life goals.

We provide you:

  • Unparalleled local market expertise
  • Access to our preferred home buyer service providers
  • Guidance through every step and situation
  • Access to our exclusive discounts. Up to 25% off at your favourite home stores

Driving Your Success

Buying property is a big decision, and you need to have someone on your side who’s as passionate about real estate as you are. At Graham Real Estate, we take that approach very seriously. As part of your home-buying process, we’ll tailor a service package that meets your individual needs. 

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Guiding You Through The Process

We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience throughout the buying process. We will guide you step-by-step through the showing, offer, negotiation, and closing process. We’ll keep you informed of how everything is progressing so that you always feel involved and confident on all aspects of your real estate transaction.

Team Approach

Working as a team, we are stronger than any of us working alone. Our agents, partners, and administration complement one another’s talents and skillsets to provide comprehensive real estate services to our home buyer clients. We’re centrally located in Milton, Ontario with extended reach across the Greater Toronto Area and neighbouring cities. 

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You Are Our Priority

We are available 7 days a week to attend to your home buying needs. We take your calls and texts whenever you need us, and we always respond as swiftly as possible. This is our pledge to you and how we want you to feel; that you’re our top priority!


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