Finding The Best Realtor in Milton

Finding the Best REALTOR in Milton

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Finding The Best REALTOR In Milton

Dustin Graham
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Dustin Graham

Imagine a scenario where you have decided to buy a new home but don’t currently have a real estate agent. You hop on your computer, go to the all-mighty Google, and type “Milton real estate agents” for your search. The results are in, and it’s an endless list of agents who offer residential real estate services. When envisioning people search on Google, I can’t help but picture Nicholas Cage from his recent movie “The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent”. If you have not seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

So then, how do you find and choose the best REALTOR in Milton suitable for your needs?

There are several great agents in our market, and understanding the differences can be challenging. But here are some tips for locating, researching, and identifying the best Milton REALTOR® for you.

Start by eliminating REALTORS®

Many signals can indicate an agent isn’t right for you. For instance, agents with a poor web presence are not typically as equipped for marketing homes in today’s competitive market. Look for their exposure across the web – personal website, social media, etc., and evaluate their marketing standards. If it looks like they are still operating in the year 2000, then move on.

Focus on REALTORS® who work in Milton

You’d be surprised how many people use agents who live and work far away from Milton. It’s never advisable to hire an agent with little to no experience within the market you’re looking to buy or sell in. Although we have access to MLS data for most of the province, which covers a lot of the required information needed to buy/sell, it’s not the only factor to consider. A local Milton REALTOR® will have a far greater understanding of the local market and can provide you, the client, superior guidance and advice as relating to your home buying/selling activities.

Large real estate teams are attractive but they’re not for everyone

Many modern REALTORS® strive to build out a large team of agents. The reason for doing this is to increase their market exposure and by extension, their financial gain. However, you’ll rarely work with the team leader. Instead, you may have a call with the leader, who will then pass you over to a team member of their choosing. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but it removes some of your control. You won’t necessarily be familiar with the team member, their skills, and ultimately their ability to service your specific needs.

We’ve heard many stories of clients working with larger teams only to leave them because the person they were working with couldn’t obtain the desired results.

Small to medium-sized Real estate teams, if structured properly, can be advantageous. The key is to find a team that values customer service and employs strict hiring practices. Of course, there are many individual agents as well, but their service offerings may be more limited and/or costly depending on their business structure. 

One size doesn’t fit all

For those who aren’t aware, we rebranded our team in early 2023. The main drivers for doing this were two-fold – 1. To modernize our aesthetics and change our name (we were previously The Graham Partners); and 2. To highlight our needs-based approach to real estate.

Historically, real estate agents have focused on the concept that they can help people buy and sell homes. It’s a one-size fits all model. Their methodology for a first-time homebuyer is the same as an estate sale or an upsizing client. The needs are different and should be reflected in our methodology.

Although the general real estate framework is the same (contracts, legal, etc.), the approach must be customized to fit the client’s situation and needs. And, of course, the REALTOR® should have experience working within similar circumstances (e.g., estate sales, luxury, divorces, upsizing, etc.).

When you’re looking for the best REALTOR in Milton to work with, be sure to investigate their approach as it relates to your unique situation.

Hire for skill and “fit”

Hiring a service professional based on their skill set is obvious. You want to hire the person who is the “best” at what they do. But skill is only half of the equation. When you hire a real estate agent to buy or sell, you will spend considerable time with that person. It’s critical that you can build a strong working relationship with your Milton REALTOR®. If one or both factors are absent, you will likely not benefit from the process, leading to unnecessary frustration, poor results, and general disdain for the process.

Don’t hire a REALTOR® simply because you know them

It’s easy for us to get caught in the trap of using a REALTOR® because we know them. If your uncle, friend, or sister is a great agent and meets all your criteria, then it’s possible to use them. Even then, if a problem occurs during your process, it could cause issues with your relationship.

I recognize it can be challenge not to employ someone you’re close with – not doing so could be problematic. But know this, a reputable agent friend or family member will always understand if you tell them you can’t work with them due to inherent risks. In that case, they can still financially benefit by referring you to the agent of your choice.


There are thousands of real estate agents in the GTA, and only a small percentage live/work in Milton. And out of those thousands of agents, only about 20% conduct 80% of the work (80/20 rule). If you perform your due-diligence and choose one that exhibits skill while attaining a good fit for you, you’re chances of hiring the best REALTOR in Milton for your needs will be greatly enhanced.

At Graham Real Estate – we take a needs-based approach to servicing our clientele. We recognize every situation is different, regardless of the perceived similarities. As a result of our proven business practices, our team sets the standard in results-driven real estate in Milton.

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